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Company Overview

Codone Biotechnology focuses on developing transformative medicines based on suppressor-tRNAs for patients with severe diseases caused by premature termination codons.

Company co-founders have extensive global industry experiences in innovative drug development and gene therapy development, and Scientific Advisory Board consists of renowned experts in RNA processing, protein translation, gene therapy and clinical development in rare diseases. Company has established proprietary platforms in suppressor-tRNA screening and optimization as well as AAV delivery, advancing suppressor-tRNA therapies for broad range of indications.

Company History:

■ Jun 2022: Company registration

■ Aug 2022: Formation of Scientific Advisory Board

■ Dec 2022: Research collaboration agreement with University of Massachusetts

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  • Address: 1077 Zhangheng Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China
  • Tel: 17717869027
  • E-mail: admin@codonetx.com

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