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Codone Biotechnology focuses on developing transformative medicines based on suppressor-tRNAs for patients with severe diseases caused by premature termination codons

Company co-founders have extensive global industry experiences of innovative drug development and gene therapy development, and Scientific Advisory Board consists of renowned experts in RNA processing, protein translation, gene therapy and clinical development in rare diseases. Company has established proprietary platforms in suppressor-tRNA screening and optimization, as well as AAV delivery, advancing suppressor-tRNA therapies for multiple target organs in selected indications.


Transfer RNA (tRNA) is the critical link between the codon on the mRNA and the amino acid in the protein. In nature, there is no tRNA with anticodon recognizing terminal codon, which triggers termination of translation at the end of an mRNA. In human diseases, mutations in over 4000 genes can directly cause a disease or are highly correlated to a disease. 10-15% of these gene mutations form a termination codon before the normal termination codon (hence the name Premature Termination Codon, aka, PTC), leading to protein translation stopping early and significant loss of protein functions.


Suppressor-tRNA is an engineered tRNA, which can add a specific amino acid at the place of a premature termination codon, relieving its termination effect on protein translation. A suppressor tRNA designed for one type of premature termination codon can potentially treat all diseases caused by the same type of premature termination codon, regardless of mutation location or specific gene or disease.

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